31 Αυγούστου, 2018

Dear Nakis,
Thank you very much for the truly beautiful oak furniture you made for our bedroom, not only is it stunning to look at , but also very beautifully crafted.We are delighted with it.
I also want to thank you for choosing new handles, when the ones i had bought proved to be unfit for the task. It meant I could use the furniture the day it arrived, and not wait to find new handles myself maybe a few days later, and your choice was perfect-the handles are very pretty. That was so helpful, and kind.
Please would you also pass my thanks and appreciation of his craftsmanship to Nikos Makropoulos , the man i believe who made the furniture so beautifully, and to Christos Ioannou who delivered it, supervised it’s fitting and final touches, together with his team.
Any team’s work reflects the values that come from the top- and your team is a credit to you Nakis, and the quality of their work is a reflection of your commitment to yours. Thank you!

With kind regards ,

Lesley Jones.
– Lesley Jones

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