Cocktail Party

With great success the cocktail party for our 38 years anniversary and the Grand Opening of our new showroom has took place on Saturday, 30/06/2018.  During the event we had a live link with Rock Fm, honorary plaque awards to clients, colleagues and employees and a draw with 3 lucky winner!  In addition the people who has join us to our event had the chance to see our new showroom, the new materials, the new mechanisms we have and to ask any questions to our willing staff.  It was a very significant night for us as Mr. Argyris Sofroniou, the founder of the company had his 77th birthday and will meet you in 2 years where are going to celebrate our 40 years anniversary with even bigger surprises and bigger success.

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Complete renovation of an old village mansion.

Our company undertook and carried out the complete renovation of an old village mansion.

The emergence of wooden structures and stone walls, testifying through their materiality “memories of life” and engaging in a creative dialogue with the elements of modern construction, was the ultimate goal of this project.

A creative redefinition of the concept of the place , starting with the “shell” of a mansion of another era, with very different requirements and needs, which our company undertook to tie it up with modern means and building techniques.

The primary goal of the design process was to respect and highlight the existing materials and components with the least of their deterioration and to integrate them harmoniously into a modern environment of comfort and functionality.

The result? Fantastic :

Anemi Suites Hotel

We would like to share an outstanding and contemporary project that we have undertaken and completed for Anemi Hotel & Suites. We are extremely proud of this wonderful project as our dedicated team has put in all of its effort to create truly magical results and a very satisfied client.

If you to have got a commercial or private project in need of professional high-quality carpentry, simply contact us right away

Luxury Hotel in Paphos

We are proud to announce that we have undertaken to completed the woodwork for a new project,  a luxury hotel in Paphos.  The following photos are only the beginning and many more will follow.